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as long as this going to happen, I am “safe” – but I am scared as soon as they will open the borders, as this means for people like me a big risk, but also for my husbands parents…we are to safe at the moment, as we are at home, no contact with anybody, so it will hit us even harder…
My question, how do the re-open our island to the “public”? Tourism?
How does the step by step plan look like?

I am more scared for the future than now, as now we depending from the goverment in Madrid, what´s going on there, but as soon this is controlled, they let people from Madrid fly to Ibiza!
Still no regulations how much a mask should cost…no tourism till end of the year, Airlines starting to fly to Ibiza up from middle june…woop – so many different possibilities and none of them are true!

Often fear for me comes up as Stress and worry. Anxiety and Overwhelm. But also Crankiness. It steals my joy, my resourcefulness, my ability to be the mum I want to be. But I do not need to allow this, all I need is to feel more energized, more calm, more “free”
At the moment for us the biggest incoming stressor is home schooling, especially Zoom classes at a certain time, a break, start again and then during afternoon again. And in between sheets to do! So far we haven´t found a routine and I wanna give up – I am not a teacher, I do not have the patient with my son. I anyway expect too much from him…

So more importnatn for us would be to connect in the morning, as we did during the last 10 days as holiday.

We are in quarantine and I love the opportunities to warmly connect with him. As well I should be more presence, aware of my husband…and as in the beginning would be nice to connect with friends via video calls. But still time isn´t endless, or it doesn´t fit everybody at the same time and if you agree for a certain time, you might be not in the mood.
I noticed I feel  overwhelmed at the moment I can not manage all the incoming demands.
My internal resources don’t feel adequate and we are under unprecedented pressure right now. But I feel useless! As I am taking care of my son all day long, there is not much time, even I stand up earlier for my work to do (beside household and being a teacher) and my new hobby. I know my son needs me more to cheer up than to educate him and I don´t blame, but it is also not easy if you are used to be a “business woman”.

I should stop uploading myself with expectations and compare myself to others but I would love to be my “own” for some hours of the day! And I miss the mornings…And mindfulness practice with short guided meditation or a yoga routine. But my son isn´t used to “be alone” and not very interested in a yoga video for kids or guided meditation. He loves audibles…this could work cause with other activities he needs attention and applause.

We should play music again that soothes us, cook nurtured and healthy and finally take my dream of a bubble bath after he is asleep. No surfing for a few days as I go to bed early!

What I found out during Quarantine : I need to MOVE! As it boosts my mood, gives my energy, and reduce the feeling of stress. Last weekend we were dancing through our living room by loud rock music, my son and I – we just had fun. Me in Leggings, without make up, him happy as I not often see him! This weekend we will try an exercise video for the family and I promised my son another dancing party! Often it seems it takes energy to get started, they it ends up energizing me.

I have to remind me every day, we have to be emotionally generous –
In this moment when life itself seems precarious and we feel powerless, when I notice that my mood is cranky I have to ask myself honestly what is missing and find antidotes.
Yes, we can! We all! Life just with the 3 of us is wonderful, of course for my son I wish to have a friend around soon, as he is a child, he needs to feel he can just be one! But yes, I can help him to go through, I can motivate him as he is the best what happens to us! I have to be his positive motivator, so that´s what I have to focus on and therefor I have to be in balance!

Good morning, beautiful day!