Just do how you feel!

It is funny, as my mum, the one who always cares about the others, for sure won’t do anything against law or order from medicins…she was the one who said to me a week ago: you have to do what you feel is best for you! Wow…if you knew my mother you would understand my surprise. But yes, she is right. Today I planned to do some meditation and breath exercises but then my husband told me, that our little one is going to ski on the big platter lift and might be they will go up in the mountain with the ski gondola. Can you imagine what happend to me? I was overwelmed, he is 3 years and 2 month, he is our sunshine but also we know we warped him as grewn up with Nannies, grandparents and us, he is just spoiled. But this, this was a warm happy feeling as he did it, we could do nothing, beside asking the ski teacher yesterday if he can try to do the „Pizza“ on the longer slope. And he did it, he loved it. I am not a fan of overtax kids as this can be the biggest mistake you could do as a parents but I love to demand and promote, to show him his inner strength! Just do it, Nike knows it since ages! Give it a try, if you never try you can never win or find out what happens. So here I am, instead of doing relaximg deep breaths and preparing myself for my next intervention (BPA operation).

I just enjoy sitting in the sun after putting some tears of happiness away and watching my son by his first big steps of skiing! I don’t feel torned back and forth, I am just here with my full awareness as this makes me feel happy right now!