Lack of sleep…

Restful sleep is one of the best ways to improve my physical health and emotional well-being. It is very important eliminating accumulated stress and physical toxins so cells and tissues can repair and regenerate themselves. Which means we strengthen our immune function.
Enough sleep also balances my hormones, particularly leptin and ghrelin, which regulate my metabolism and appetite and help me maintain me ideal weight. Now I know why after hangover 2 days later my weight gains as I don´t sleep well, I am stressed next day, eat more, as I try o fill anything…
 I noticed before we found out my illness, that I could not get enough sleep, still need more than other. Not sure if CTEPH is a cause of the weakened immune system and chronic inflammation, due to the lack of sleep.
Recent studies of sleep and genes found out that even just a few days of sleep deprivation can have a profound effect on your genes. Only after one week of getting fewer than six hours of sleep a night, it can change more than 700 genes, including genes that affect metabolism and inflammatory, immune and stress responses. So might be it happened to me and one of the Genes is „part“ of the reason of CTEPH?

I red most adults need between seven and nine hours  of restful sleep every night – natural sleep. My body’s own natural rhythms of physical and mental activity,  my body’s internal clock, my circadian rhythms regulate ,y feelings of sleepiness and wakefulness, as well as my body temperature and various hormonal changes, over a period of approximately 24 hours. As yours does! Often in the afternoon I have the feeling I could go to bed, but then it is bedtime and I am not tired anymore…why?

I heard it would be better to sleep between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., you feel more rested than if you sleep the same number of hours between midnight and 8 a.m. This is because our circadian rhythms follow nature’s rhythms, and we therefore feel most invigorated by sleeping when it’s dark and rising with the sun. But how can I sleep like this? Sometimes, very rare I go to bed at 10pm having a really good sleep and wake up at 6.45pm/7pm – amazing!

To be honest it doesn’t matter if I eat a relatively light dinner no later than 7 p.m. or go to bed after a late dinner. Might be my detoxification processes is not good and I feel beet (with early dinner) in the morning, I mean light!

If I work late night, sitting in front my Mac and answering mails, preparing next day, means I have mental activity or emotional interactions I have a very light and bad sleep. I know it, but sometimes I does it!

I wish I would take a warm bath to relax my body and mind before to go to bed, or meditate, listen to soft music or do some inspirational reading (but too tired as soon as I am in bed) but I am also a mum and wife to my beloved husband.
Sleep in a totally dark room helps me because darkness helps increase melatonin. We have to put on light for my little one at the stairs – it disturbs me…
Often I think I „should“ journal for a few minutes before bed, “downloading” some of my thoughts and concerns so I don’t need to ruminate about them when I shut my eyes.

When I simply watch my slow, easy breathing I fall asleep.

I also noticed getting physical exercise on a regular basis, doing my breathe excercises, stretch, i’ll find it easier to fall—and stay—asleep. As well taking fresh air, go out every day even if it is raining and gray outside, it helps me a lot to calm down!

Of course all takes time and you need patience! I noticed that all changes in my life need at least 16 weeks, to „stop“ being anorectic or bulimia nervosa I always knew I need to survive 16 weeks…at least…but these 16 weeks are a long long path!

During the worst time in my life I started to Meditate. It is not only stress which kept me away from sleeping, it also caused stress, that none sleep…a circle…My body is tired and craves rest, sometimes I lie in bed ruminating about something that happened earlier in the day, or worrying about something that might happen in the future – or I just need to do tomorrow – this activates my body’s stress response and release stress hormones such as cortisol and if this is on a high level perment it makes you ill, it made me ill!

Regular physical exercise and daily meditation release stress and calm my mind and body. When I experience the stillness and silence of expanded awareness my heart rate and breathing slows down, I activate my body’s parasympathetic system and release accumulated stress. After I stay more centered in the face of life’s inevitable stresses.

But why I do not meditate for just five to ten minutes each day? Why everything is more important to me than my health? Breathing is a simple meditation technique that cultivates peace, clarity, and present moment awareness. I always carry a little bit more peace into all of my daily activities … and for sure including my night’s sleep.

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